Do you know? Alan Turing to be new face of Financial institution of England £50 word

Did you know? Alan Turing to be new face of Bank of England £50 note

Alan Turing: Nonetheless casting an extended shadow over arithmetic

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Some of the influential figures of the final century, Alan Turing was a mathematician and pc scientist whose work established the sector of synthetic intelligence and was key to the event of computing. His work fixing the Entscheidungsproblem, and the event of the common Turing machine, offers the mathematical mannequin for all trendy computer systems. Turing’s face will now seem on the brand new Financial institution of England £50 word that can enter circulation on what would have been his birthday, 23 June.

Flamingos could stand on one leg to maintain heat

Why do flamingos stand on one leg?

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They could be notable for his or her pink feathers and lengthy necks, however it’s the query of why flamingos stand on one leg that has saved scientists guessing. The reply could be threefold: as a result of it’s simpler, hotter and fewer abrasive. Research present that flamingos are considerably extra more likely to stand on one leg in our bodies of water than on land, suggesting they accomplish that to preserve warmth. Some flamingos additionally dwell in very salty or alkaline lakes resulting in the suggestion that they might stand on one leg at a time to forestall over publicity or burns. It could additionally take much less vitality for a flamingo to face on one leg than two, due to their potential to passively assist their physique weight.

NFTs promote for hundreds of thousands of {dollars}

What are NFTs?

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NFT stands for non-fungible token. Within the digital world the time period defines a cryptographic document of possession for a novel merchandise that’s encoded in a blockchain. Just like the deeds to a home, NFTs present who owns one thing, however they aren’t the identical because the merchandise itself. Consequently, NFTs can be utilized to promote multiples of the identical merchandise, an art work or album, as an example. In October 2020 Artist Mike Winkelmann, aka Beeple bought a bit of digital art work as an NFT for $66,666.66. That piece bought 4 months later for $6.6 million.

Protein might be grown on timber

Molecular farming

Human protein produced by a leaf.


Properly, strictly talking, on vegetation, however the precept stays the identical. Molecular farming permits us to develop protein utilizing plant cells as an alternative of animal ones. Moderately than rising them inside a rooster’s egg, as we do for flu vaccines, molecular farming permits us to genetically modify vegetation in order that their cells change into “factories” for protein, producing harvestable portions of their leaves. As soon as grown, we will then extract the products in a sooner, less expensive approach. This might then profit rural farming communities who would be capable to develop crops that yield much more revenue than, say, greens.

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