Homicide conviction quashed for man who threw homeless man down garbage chute

A man  has had his murder conviction quashed for the second time

A person who killed a weak homeless man by throwing him down a 40ft garbage chute has had his homicide conviction quashed for the second time by the Courtroom of Attraction.

The three-judge court docket substituted David O’Loughlin’s homicide verdict with a manslaughter verdict having discovered there was no proof that he meant to kill or trigger severe damage to Liam Manley.

O’Loughlin (33), of Backyard Metropolis Flats, North Foremost Avenue, Cork, was convicted of murdering Mr Manley on Could twelfth, 2013, following a retrial on the Central Prison Courtroom in January 2019.

Following this morning’s judgment Michael O’Higgins SC mentioned his shopper needs to apologise for what he did and to thank the court docket for the cautious consideration it gave to his case.

O’Loughlin will seem earlier than the Central Prison Courtroom on Friday the place a date will likely be set for a sentencing listening to.

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