How To Title (and Pronounce) An Icelandic Volcano

How To Name (and Pronounce) An Icelandic Volcano

1000’s of curious onlookers have flocked to an erupting volcano in Iceland to marvel on the hypnotic show of glowing pink lava, the bravest of them grilling sizzling canines and marshmallows over the smoldering embers.

The eruption of a fissure close to Mount Fagradalsfjall, which started late Friday, was the primary within the area in about 900 years. The lava is slowly filling a small valley known as Geldingadalur.

Ten years in the past, the Eyjafjallajökull volcano on the southern tip of Iceland erupted, notoriously disrupting round 900,000 flights throughout Europe over a interval of a number of weeks. The volcano grew to become additionally identified for the difficulty that the worldwide press needed to pronounce its identify, even inspiring memes.

The newest volcanic eruption was named within the first days after Mount Fagradalsfjall, a preexisting, older volcano. However the eruption is fed by a magma tube not related with Fagradalsfjall. Primarily based on the magma reservoir’s measurement, most scientists consider that the eruption will final a number of weeks or months, forming a brand new volcanic edifice over time.

The folks within the closest city to the brand new volcano, the city of Grindavík, positioned simply six miles north-east of the eruption, voted from an array of strategies to call the brand new volcano.

Icelanders typically identify new landmarks primarily based on their location, and the Icelandic language permits to mix many phrases collectively into one. There may be already a mountain named with this method the place the eruption takes place. Fagra, pronounced “Fiera”, means lovely, Dal means valley and Fjall means mountain. Fagri-dalur is “a wonderful valley,” and the “mountain within the lovely valley” is the Fagradalsfjall. Fagradalshraun, one potential identify suggestion with Shraun which means volcano or lava-field, is the “lava within the lovely valley.”

The valley of Geldingadalur might be translated as “infertile valley,” however not essentially as a result of nothing grows there. The identify really derives from using the valley as pasture for castrated (subsequently infertile) horses. Gelding can also be used for a castrated horse. Geldingadalshraun or Geldingahraun is the “Castrated-Horse-Valley-Lava,” or extra loosely translated as “infertile lava-fields”

The continuing eruption in Geldingadalur is comparatively small if in comparison with different fissure eruptions in Iceland, so perhaps the identify will stick. In some information the Fagradalsfjall eruption can also be known as Geldingardalsgos – pronounced Ck – like in thick – elting-charda-luousch, with Gos which means eruption.

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