Microbe one way or the other survives with out the proteins for replicating its DNA

Microbe somehow survives without the proteins for replicating its DNA

To repeat DNA, the enzymes helicase (crimson) and polymerase (blue) are normally wanted


AT FIRST sight, it shouldn’t be alive: a single-celled organism that lacks a lot of the molecular tools wanted to repeat DNA.

Duplicating DNA is key to copy, so DNA replication methods have been regarded as current in all non-parasitic species with complicated cells. But it surely appears they aren’t.

“I used to be astonished,” says Dayana Salas-Leiva at Dalhousie College in Halifax, Canada. The microbe, Carpediemonas membranifera, should have a mechanism for copying its DNA that’s unknown to science.

C. membranifera is a …

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