The World Earlier than Us evaluation: A gripping account of Earth’s different people

The World Before Us review: A gripping account of Earth's other humans

The Neanderthals, Denisovans and lots of others as soon as shared Earth with us. What occurred – and the place are they now? Archaeologist Tom Higham has written an important insider account


24 March 2021

Archaeologist Tom Higham, with a cranium from a contemporary human

Mark Hardy

The World Earlier than Us

Tom Higham



ASK any well-informed human dwelling as much as 40,000 years or so in the past in the event that they have been the one clever being round, and they might have answered, “No”. That’s as a result of at that (geologically) latest time, our ancestors would nonetheless have been sharing Earth with a number of different human teams. In a really actual sense, we weren’t alone.

Immediately we’re. The Neanderthals who roamed Europe and western Asia are lengthy gone. So are the Denisovans of east Asia, the “hobbits” of Flores Island in Indonesia and lots of extra. Who have been they? What have been they like? What occurred to them?

Archaeologist Tom Higham on the College of Oxford tackles these questions in his first e-book for a preferred viewers, The World Earlier than Us: How science is revealing a brand new story of our human origins. It’s a barely deceptive essential title as a result of Higham barely discusses the world earlier than Homo sapiens emerged about 300,000 years in the past: you gained’t discover Lucy or another ape-like australopithecines. However he does ship on the subtitle, with an interesting perception into teams belonging to the identical Homo genus as us that lived alongside us for a lot of their existence.

Higham has been concerned in lots of the greatest discoveries in human evolution in latest many years. A specialist in relationship strategies, he helped hint the Neanderthal extinction, studied the mysterious Denisovans, who’re largely recognized from DNA extracted from bone fragments, and helped push again the date H. sapiens arrived within the Americas.

“In the case of what occurred to teams just like the Neanderthals, Higham properly embraces nuance”

The e-book will get off to a shaky begin, because the opening chapters are overstuffed with pointless element that isn’t instantly defined. For instance, Higham repeatedly mentions nuclear and mitochondrial DNA, however doesn’t clarify them till chapter 5 – though at one level there’s an apologetic footnote directing readers to that half.

Nevertheless, as soon as previous these bumps the e-book settles right into a energetic groove. Higham devotes entire chapters, typically a number of chapters, to every extinct hominin group. He packs in startling discoveries, spectacular insights and the occasional debunking of a silly concept.

Higham’s private involvement means he has a number of good tales. He vividly describes Denisova collapse Siberia, Russia – the place the primary traces of Denisovans have been discovered – together with its adjoining area camp.

There are additionally thumbnail portraits of the scientists concerned. A spotlight is Higham’s account of the invention of Denny, a lady who lived in or round Denisova cave, with a Neanderthal mom and a Denisovan father. One in all Higham’s college students, Samantha Brown (now on the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human Historical past, Germany), spent weeks testing bone fragments earlier than figuring out one which belonged to a hominin.

Higham reproduces the flurry of excited, expletive-ridden texts he despatched after being informed the information. The reader will get an actual sense of what it’s wish to “do” science as Higham emphasises Brown’s boring, reward-free slog earlier than she lastly struck pay filth.

In the case of the perennial query of what occurred to teams just like the Neanderthals, Higham properly embraces nuance and complexity. It’s unlikely there’s a single rationalization for the extinction of such a gaggle as widespread and adaptable because the Neanderthals – and conservation biologists have a tendency to seek out that species expertise a mess of threats.

For teams just like the Denisovans, of whom we’ve got barely any stays, he refuses to commit himself in any respect. He is aware of it’s too early to make a giant declare about what occurred after we don’t even know the extent of their vary or what they seemed like.

In any case, lots of them haven’t solely gone. Due to interbreeding, the DNA of Neanderthals and Denisovans lives on. In our genes, at the very least, we nonetheless share the world with them.

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